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We use WIX to build websites for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is the tools that WIX provides to optimise any website for your selected keywords. WIX has a partnership with Google so that immediately after you publish a WIX Website, it sends a message to Google to index or take a new copy of the website.

But that's not all we do with a SEO process. We analyse your competitors websites and efforts and then replicate as much as what we can. We select all the major local business listing sites and add your businesses details.

The steps below outline our process.




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The steps below are mostly performed by the WIX SEO Wizard. This internal tool allows us as website builders to analyse many internal, or on-page factors. At the conclusion of the wizard, WIX sends a message to the Google search console, to index the website. This means that Google knows about your optimised website and will start showing it in Search results immediately.


Search Engine Optimisation starts with us agreeing on which keywords you want to rank for. After all, what is it that you are trying to do? You are trying to get to position 1, page 1 on Google for a Search Term that makes sense and relates to your business.

If you are a Property Valuer in Sydney, then one obvious keyword that you would want to rank for is "Property Valuations Sydney". There would be no point trying to rank for any other capital city but maybe there are related services that you want to rank well for, such as "Stamp Duty Valuations".

We work with you and select up to 5 Keywords to rank for. Anymore than this makes it very difficult to control page content and page construction.

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One of the most important factors of SEO is the authority of your website. This means how many other pages link to your website. Links show that your website has valuable content even if they are just local business listing sites.

We make sure that your website is listed on as many of these local business listing sites as possible as well as any industry specific websites where we can list your website.

Luckily for us, there are many tools that help us with this task. They allow us to analyse your competitors website listings and we make sure that you have at least as many as they do. We also make sure that your business does not appear on too many "Bad" websites.

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WIX has an internal SEO Wizard that leads us through all the internal optimisation. Things like the use of H1 tags on each page, Alt Text on images, Inclusion of Keywords in page headings and many more. Every page is thoroughly checked for all these factors and then the wizard connects to Google Search Console and registers the website with Google.

We work with you to optimise all the content on every page of your website. This is a delicate balance of readability and googlability. That is, visitors to your site have to be able to read the text on pages but it must be complete enough and have the right keywords within it to get most benefit from Google indexing.

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"Within 6 months, Mad Dog Lola got me to the top of Page 1 in Google for my selected keywords. I could not be happier with their service."


Gary Johnson - BNG Locksmiths



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