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Facebook advertising is more targeted than any other form of advertising and can suit some small businesses more than any other form of advertising. As personal profiles within Facebook often contain more detail than other platforms, we can use these details to target our ads to more specific audiences.

We can also use email lists and "similar to" lists to target large groups of potential customers who have similar characteristics to our those on our email lists. Audience manager allows us to specify a very specific audience to show our ads to whilst on Facebook.

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Facebook Advertising is increasing in popularity as advertisers understand that not only can you use more audience targeting options than any other platform, but it also offers the chance for "Word of Mouth" endorsements within the platform.


Most new businesses create their Facebook Business Page and then it slowly dies. They might post things about their new business, but as they have a low number of Likes, they go unnoticed and the new business owner abandons their Facebook page.


So, if you were nodding as you read this, then you need to call us. We believe that if done properly, that Facebook Advertising can be the most cost effective advertising for some businesses.

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The cost of Facebook Advertising is very simple. It is priced according to your likely success rate in showing to potential customers. The more targeted, the more likely you are to succeed, so it becomes more expensive.

So if you target, 35-45 year old males in three Sydney suburbs that like jogging, your cost per event as they call it is probably going to be quite high because your audience size is quite small and if you have the right product, then you will probably get success with your ads.

Conversely, if you want to target all Australians who like to read, then your cost per event is likely to be quite low.

You "Get what you pay for" and Facebook Advertising is no different. If it is providing very well qualified leads then get ready to pay for them. And get ready for success if you have your target audience correct. We can show you how.


If you are posting for your business on Facebook, then the more people that like your site, the better. This is because it is like the old "Pyramid Selling".

If your business post appears on someones Facebook feed, then all of their friends once removed will see your post. This highlights the need to build up the number of "Likers" of your Facebook page. Luckily, Facebook has an advertising campaign designed to help you do that as well.

Mad Dog Lola can help you create an advertising campaign designed to increase the number of "Likers" you have. We will work with you on audience targeting because there is no point wasting money on Likers from Botswana if you are a local coffee shop in Cronulla. 

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Facebook has many different types of Advertising Campaigns. Mad Dog Lola can help you setup any of these different types depending on your goals.

For example when you first start Facebook Advertising you are probably wanting to increase the number of "Likes" of your page. This will then allow you to get more reach when you do post an amazing post about your company.

Then later you may have an Event that you want to promote, so we can show you how to create an Event Promotion campaign.

There are many types of Facebook Advertising Campaigns and we can help you navigate through them so that you get the right one for your needs.


"We built our own Facebook Business Page. What a mistake. Leave it to the experts. Mad Dog Lola now do everything on our Facebook page"


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