Ever wonder how Google works out which websites show up when people search for things? 


And how Facebook "knows" that you searched for "Bali holidays" yesterday?


The answer is Digital Marketing.


Mad Dog Lola is here to talk to you about how you can grow your business using online marketing tools like Google Adwords, 

Facebook marketing and a well designed website 

Google is the market leader when it comes to providing digital marketing products to advertisers. Whether you want to spend $5.00 per day or $5,000.00, there is a Google Solution for you.


Search Campaigns are part of the Google Digital Advertising platform.


Using "Keywords" that are found in Search terms, Google is able to match "Paid Results" with its organic results.


So, if you are advertising "Timber Fences" and a potential customer searches for "Timber Fences", Google will display your Ad to that potential customer and lead them to your business. The rest is up to you.


Display Advertising is another part of Google's Digital Advertising platform. It features Image Ads appearing on websites with that run Google Ads.


Using either Keywords, Topics, Interests or just specific websites, Google is able to display your image ads on any website that match your targeting method.


For example, we can make your image ads and get them on Page 1 of the Sydney Morning Herald within 24 hours.


Often display ads have the term "ad choices" in the ad which is an advertsing standard that Google adheres to.



Mobile Advertising is critical for today's small businesses. It is not unusual for us to see 80% of website traffic coming from mobile devices. If you are not optimised for Google Mobile advertising then you could be missing a large share of your market.

We can create a Google Shopping Campaign if you have physical products for sale. These then appear in search results for that product. Increases of 37% in Sales in not uncommon for retailers using Google Shopping Campaigns.

At Mad Dog Lola we take care that your Google Adwords campaign meets your expectations. Its the little things like the "Click to Call" button that separates us from other agencies.


"I was not getting anywhere with Adwords. I phoned Mad Dog and they had my Campaign optimised with 2 weeks. And they are always available to help."


Colin Clarke - Clarke's Family Funerals


Ever wondered how businesses get those large listings on the right hand side of Google Search Results?

They have discovered the joy of Google My Business. This is a free (free from google?) service that Google offers all businesses. All you need to do is complete some essential details and Google validates them and then starts displaying your business details on the right hand side of Google Search Results.


What's even better is the power of Google My Business on mobile devices. Users who are searching for nearby businesses get a display with a clickable phone number and directions to your business. 


Each month you get a report from Google of how powerful your listing was. How many people saw it, how many rang you and how many used directions to your business....




13 million Australian's are on Facebook making it a powerful way to reach people that are interested in your products and services. 


Savvy business owners are using Facebook to generate sales by targeting consumers using age, gender, location and their interests.


If your new to Facebook marketing we can help you get your advertising campaign up and running, set up a business page and even start developing a following.


If you're already advertising on Facebook, talk to us about optimising your efforts and getting better results.   


"Mad Dog Lola built our Facebook page and then posted as if it was us. They were amazing. Then our staff were trained by them and now we do it all by ourselves."


Brad Chick - Ashfield Eyecare






Your company website is your online version of your business. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as your internet shop. As well as allowing potential customers to quickly decide if your business is for them, it is also;

  • The "target" for your adwords and facebook campaigns

  • An important driver of where you show up in google

  • A vital part of your overall sales process


Mad Dog Lola understands how to build websites the way that Google likes them and this will help you grow your business. Your website will look the way you want it to look and be run and maintained by us for an affordable yearly cost.

Remember that you don't have to be a big business to have a website that works. Many smaller sized businesses out compete larger businesses on the web just by using Digital Marketing.



"John and his team did everything. They built my website in less than two days and on the third day my phone was ringing."


Mark Bryant - Betabuilt Timber Fencing




Mad Dog Lola eMarketing was founded in 2012 by John Mayers. He saw the need for a small and personalised company that could help small businesses compete with big businesses by using digital marketing.


The name of the company came from his neighbors Jack Russell dog called Lola. His mantra, "its just a name that hopefully they remember"


We started out building websites and quickly realised that "if you build it, they will come" just did not work for Google. Within a week of the delivery of a new website, the business owner would be complaining that it is not working. And guess what, they were right !


So we looked around and found that Google had a llittle product called AdWords that seemed pretty funky and Facebook was crapping on about its business pages. Within a month, we were a Google Certified Partner, pushing out Facebook Company pages and advising small businesses on how to compete with big businesses by using digital marketing.


At Mad Dog Lola we love helping small businesses compete with larger businesses by providing affordable and effective digital solutions. We believe that small businesses should have access to affordable digital marketing services.


We have nothing to hide and encourage you to compare our prices with our competitors. No matter what your budget is, call us to discuss how we can help you use digital marketing


We believe that the customer is king and we do what is best for them.


That's why when you agree for Mad Dog Lola to start any Marketing campaigns for you, there is no contract. It is purely a month by month arrangement. We have no need to take a big chunk of money from you now, only to find that something has changed with you or us and then you are locked in...


We would rather you tell or your friends about how great Mad Dog Lola is and recommend us to do the same for their business. 


This is our favourite way to talk with you. If you can't get us on first go then leave us a message and we will get back to you.


We answer our phones at the most bizarre times. 

0430 663 822



Our second most favourite way to talk to you.


Emails get our attention quickly.


We will always respond within 24 hours.