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  • John Mayers

The First WIX Setting - "Plan"

The first Setting on a WIX site Settings Dashboard is called "Plan".

In this tab, WIX provides all necessary details about the plan that your website is covered by. A Plan is equivalent to a hosting fee for any other type of website and provides you permanent hosting on WIX servers and certain allowances, depending on which plan that you choose.

WIX has two different types of Plans, that being "Website" plans and "Business" plans. What's the difference you ask? Basically, if you want to take payments, you will need a "Business" plan but if you just need a basic website then a "Website" plan will suit your needs. But don't be fooled, if you want to have a website that takes bookings for a Service or Restaurant, you can still use a "Website" plan, you just can't take payments for any of those bookings unless you upgrade to a "Business" plan.

At the time of writing, the lowest cost for a Website" plan was $10.00 USD per month. This currently equates to $14.57 AUD per month. This includes 3Gb of storage, No WIX ads, a free domain for 12 months and you can connect the site to a domain that you already own. No page limits, no speed throttling and 99.99% uptime. And the great news is that WIX are often discounting their plans and offering them at 50% off for 12 months. Having a website with hosting for $8.00 a month was unheard of a few years ago.

If you ever need to know what plan that you are on, as well as what other "extras" you might have paid for, then this is the tab for you. This Plan section starts with the Plan that you are on, and then lists any mailboxes that you any have purchased with the hosting and any "Add-ins" that you are paying for within the website, even if they are not paid to WIX directly.

So what happens if you choose a plan that is too "Low" for your requirements? WIX will notify you and suggest a more appropriate plan for your needs.

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