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Settings Tab in WIX Dashboard

How many WIX developers actually complete all the settings in the WIX Dashboard? These settings are so important for the correct functioning of your website, yet are so often omitted by developers or business owners building their own sites.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at each of the sections in detail. The sections are:

  1. Plan

  2. Domain

  3. Publish Status

  4. Site Name

  5. Site Address

  6. Site History

  7. General Info

  8. Favicon

  9. Social

  10. Roles & Permissions

  11. Search Engines

  12. Analytics

  13. HTTPS

So if you own or have created a WIX Website, how many of you can say that you have updated every one of these sections? That's right, probably not very many of you.

Why should I update these? Well in the next few weeks we will carefully look at each of these sections in detail but the cost of not having these sections completed can be technical errors in terms of SEO or website technical correctness or the omission of data can make the User Experience very poor because these sections have not been completed. An example might be leaving the Social Share image blank so that if someone shares your website on a Social Media page, then the post is left incomplete and does not look professional, potentially ruining the first impression that you make with a potential customer.

Here is an image from the Mad Dog Lola eMarketing "Overview" page within WIX. Notice the 13 green ticks? Thats because every website we build gets these sections completed. It is our standard practice to do this for our customers because we understand the importance of these settings.

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